Jeromy-Yu CHAN ARAD (Born 1986, Canton), aka Jerry~Yuyu, currently the President of Wikimedia Hong Kong, is an administrator (sysop) in Chinese Wikipedia, and active in translation-coordination and communication on meta-wiki. Setting up his own first web-site in 2001, he started to contribute in Wikimedia since 2004, firstly in Chinese Wikipedia.

Chan was a local member of the organizing team for Chinese Wikimedia Conference 2006 in Hong Kong, and Wikimania 2007 in Taipei. He became a member of Communication Committee in Spring 2009, and a member of Chapters Committee in March 2010. He is also known as one of the initiators of the Wikipedia Communities in Macau and Canton (Guangzhou), and was interviewed by several local media, including South China Morning Post. He also remains active among the local ICT and Free Culture events and activities. In his daily life, he is a university student focus in Journalism, and also an enthusiast of classical music and ballet dancing, being elected as an associate of Royal Academy of Dance in April, 2009.




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