Mosiac HK Concert

22 01 2009

I have to admit I seldom patron local arts groups. However, a friend of mine take part in this one, have to go support anyway.

Anyway, I am always fascinated by a Capella works, they’re common in Classical music after all. However, classical a Capella is rather simply, where we seldom intimate other instruments than voices, but the modern ones are much more difficult to cope with.

After all, the pieces showed in this performance is pretty familiar to the audience, TV songs, but using just human songs to intimate those instruments, and more important, to maintain the key with such peer interference, what a task.

However, a scene intimating the education TV, did throw me into a wilderness of my thoughts, especially the gag that Chang’e is the first cosmonaut in the history of China. Well, it seems tell us the irony of the so called patriotic education. It did make me reflect, and I found our education system goes somewhere wrong, especially relating the recent review on obscene article review. It seems the education designed for today, pour those information which the authority want the children get, and just ban those the authority doesn’t want. Is that a correct way, I don’t know.

The only thing I can state is that biological immunity required an exposure of the creature to a weakened bacteria, though I’m not sure the mental immunity can be built up similarly.

More about this vivid ensemble:





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