Tchaikovsky Pathétique

16 12 2008


It’s difficult to find another dramatic emotional turning point to compare with the one between the last two movements of the Tchaikovsky Pathétique Symphony. New comer swill just find the last note Allegro molto vivace is so vivace, which it shall be the finale of the whole the symphony, so they clapped. However, when the strings pour in again, so pathétique, to start the Adagio lamentoso. They might discover a big mistake that may affect the emotion of the orchestra members and the conductor……..

The version below is preform Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Mariss Jansons, in 2005 in Japan during their Asian Tour



PS: 縱使東洋國內,西洋音樂普及不錯,還是有人中招,在第三樂章的結尾還是有點掌聲苗頭。 :p




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