Lang Bangs On Yundi’s Repertoire

17 08 2008





The long-awaited and highly anticipated recording of Lang Lang performing Chopin’s Piano Concertos nos. 1 & 2 arrives September 9, 2008. Both concertos are among the most beloved in the repertoire and Lang Lang’s many concert performances frequently receive the highest praise.

Lang Lang is joined by Zubin Mehta and the Vienna Philharmonic in a supreme pairing of talent and temperament. This is sure to become a benchmark recording of these beloved concertos.

Lang Lang has sold over 100,000 CDs in the US alone and will be on tour September to November throughout the US, including many performances of the Chopin concertos.

“Lang Lang went about the entire piece [Chopin Piano Concerto no. 1] in a gentle, velvety way, rippling beautiful chromatic passages with a liquid touch, rarely raising his voice above the level of mezzo-forte.” (Los Angeles Times)


郎朗這次所錄的,正是李雲迪賴以成名的蕭邦作品,然而郎朗有維也納愛樂和祖賓梅塔的加持,比起李雲迪 Philharmonia …….




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