Separation of Chapter and Community

24 07 2008


Some days before, I mention a term “Separation of Chapter and Community". Somehow, I’m sorry to see that some of the wikipedians keep misuse my concept. Though I respected their interpretation, but I have to state my own.


The simplified explanation of such concept is to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s. In terms of the church and the government share the seat and office, launch event together, it shall follow the will and procedure of the both parties. For those who have identities or posts in both parties, the separation is in mind rather than in form. That’s what I mean “Separation of Chapter and Community".


The rights of speaking in both parties, of those who have identities or posts in both parties, shall be respected, like the (Provisional) directors of the chapter. If anyone stated some personal views as the decision of the chapter rashly, that is unacceptable. As the Directory shall administrates the Company with collective leadership and responsibility, any opinion without discussion and confirmation of the Directory shall not be view as a decision of the chapter. For those who in community or chapter, acknowledge this and behave appropriately according to this principle could be view as another POV of “Separation of Chapter and Community".


I’m sorry to see somebody around keep using the phrase; agreeing such phrase verbally; demanding the others to achieve it in form; but stated some personal views as the decision of the chapter rashly. Personally, I don’t think such behaviour is based on the mind set of “Separation of Chapter and Community". I’m afraid I have to use “malicious" to describe such behaviour and have to say that such behaviour had damage the healthy relationship of the Community and the Chapter.






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