My POV on Gatherings

22 07 2008


It’s more than a week after the 1st Anniversary Conference, however, I’m still quite pondering on the dinner that night. At the table I found kind of good memories of old days, about the gatherings. That’s what should the gathering be.


I do not really like the so called topics in these gathering much. Most of them can be discussed online. So I can hardly find reasons to repeat these Auld lang syne again, and again.


Gathering shall be light hearted, like the dinner that night. We talked about our personal emotions, shared something we recently read, exchanged a few about our philosophic ideas etc. That’s more enjoyable, and also more friendly to new comers, or even more attractive. Somehow, I think organizers shall be considerate. I wonder if such Auld lang Syne is durable for those who had worked or laboured for hours before this so called gathering.

聚會到底該如何,心寬則得矣,如當晚共擔情海波瀾,齊享近日所讀 ,互換哲理觀點,天馬行空,不受阡陌途徑所限。聚會者,交友也。然交友者常以閒話入手,才能引人入勝,互相了解,既成好友。友者,惺惺相惜也,萬事儘在不言中,何必拘泥形式,事事大叫協作。


However, about the recent turmoil on gathering, the consensuses this time is probably the poorest made I ever seen in the Wikimedia Community. Personally I don’t think it shall be proceeded, as it doesn’t seem to me there’s enough exposure for the decision making. I can do nothing but intend to refuse to attend such “gathering".


Finally, a big thank-you to all at the dinner-table on July 12. You confirmed my sense that I’m not in Akiba but Hong Kong.






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