Some Sudden ideas

17 07 2008


Love often seems to be a result of pairs who stay together for quite a while. Recently, I’ve heard some union was being sealed in some extremely boring environments. I wonder if the successful rate of bonding in such environment is relatively high.


Well, where are the extremely boring place world? Suddenly I’d thought of a few, and listed as below. Decide yourself if they’re truly the places that is easier for sealing a union.


  • 北美的公路上
    • on the highways on the North America, at least Michael Tien and her wife were
  • 澳洲的沙漠上
    • on the desert of Australia, just a wide guess
  • 蒙藏的草原上
    • on the grasslands of Mongolia & Tibet, some of successful cases I heard. Especially Tibet,  even a 100% successful table-for-six occurred.




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