Some Words from David Cameron, MP

8 07 2008


Quote from D. Cameron’s speech came during a campaign visit to Glasgow East, where Labour is defending its thirdsafest seat in Scotland in a difficult by-election this month.

英國保守黨黨魁甘民樂 (aka 大衛卡梅倫)近日在哥拉斯哥東選區補選中的競選活動中,有些頗為玩味的發言。

“We talk about people being at risk of obesity instead of talking about people who eat too much and take too little exercise."


“We talk about people being at risk of poverty, or social exclusion: it’s as if these things – obesity, alcohol abuse, drug addiction – are purely external events like a plague or bad weather."

Of course, circumstances – where you are born, your neighbourhood, your school, and the choices your parents make – have a huge impact. But social problems are often the consequence of the choices that people make."


“There is a danger of becoming quite literally a de-moralised society, where nobody will tell the truth anymore about what is good and bad, right and wrong."

“That is why children are growing up without boundaries, thinking they can do as they please, and why no adult will intervene to stop them – including, often, their parents."

“If we are going to get any where near solving some of these problems, that has to stop."

“We as a society have been far too sensitive. In order to avoid injury to people’s feelings, in order to avoid appearing judgmental, we have failed to say what needs to be said."

“Instead we prefer moral neutrality, a refusal to make judgments about what is good and bad behaviour, right and wrong behaviour."

“Bad. Good. Right. Wrong. These are words that our political system and our public sector scarcely dare use any more."

“Refusing to use these words means a denial of personal responsibility and the concept of moral choice."

These words may not be appealing, but they seems pretty right to us, especially for center-rightists.

About David Cameron

David William Donald Cameron (born 9 October 1966) is a British politician and the current leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition in the United Kingdom, positions he has occupied since December 2005.

Cameron has been involved in British politics for much of his adult life. He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, gaining a first class honours degree. He then joined the Conservative Research Department and became Special Adviser to Norman Lamont, and then to Michael Howard. He was Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications for seven years.

A first candidacy for Parliament at Stafford in 1997 ended in defeat but Cameron was elected in 2001 as Member of Parliament for the Oxfordshire constituency of Witney. Promoted to the Opposition front bench two years after entering Parliament, he rose rapidly to be head of policy co-ordination during the 2005 general election campaign.

Cameron won the Conservative leadership later that year after presenting himself as a young and moderate candidate who would appeal to young voters. His early leadership saw the Conservative Party establish a lead in opinion polls over Tony Blair’s Labour for the first time in over ten years. When Gordon Brown replaced Blair as Labour leader and Prime Minister, Labour regained its lead. However, in mid October 2007, the Conservatives again overtook Labour in the polls, after Brown was seen to be indecisive over calling an election. His party has generally been ahead, up to 20 percentage points in various polls until the present.

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