Good news from Wikimedia

27 06 2008

According to The 2008 Wikimedia Board Election Committee, Mr Ting Chan, as User:Wing in Chinese & German Wikipedia, has been announced as winner of election.

Such a good news recalled what I heard in last Wikimania from Florence Devouard, Chair of the Board of WMF. At this moment I hope that Wing’s appointment can be confirmed soon and hope he can bring our voice to the broad and bring back a wider vision for the Chinese Wikipedia.


這個好消息,讓我想起Florence Devourd,基金會理事會主席去年在台北國際年會的一席話。此時此刻,謹祈Wing哥的當選儘快獲得理事會的確認,儘快履新,為中文維基百科帶來更廣闊的視野。





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